Metal Shelves

Shelving systems are a long term investment in any retail area. The production must be in the way that the color and the shape of the shelves don’t change through time. If you want to save money in a project for sure shelving system is not the right spot to do so, since shelving is not a cheap investment to be replaced every short period. Here in MonoShelf, we offer high-quality metal shelving systems which can suit your business.

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Check Outs

This is the last point of contact with your clients in your supermarket. Here is exactly where you sell all the small things and also put your last image in the clients’ mind. MonoShelf offers the most the practical checkouts which while looking good have enough space to sell small goods.

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Fruit and Vegetable Shelving

The way the goods are presented in any retail environment directly effects the sales. MonoShelf F&V Shelving is designed to fulfill the needs of your F&V section. Any type of fruits and vegetable can be placed on the shelves the right way within the eyelevel of the customers.

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Clothing Shelves

The world of fashion is one of the most advanced in terms of decoration and goods presentation. MonoShelf started its activity in this industry with a wide and strong range of related products. This section of our production is always introducing new products and design all along the year.

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Bread Shelving

This section in MonoShelf is called the house of nostalgia. The smell of fresh bread always takes your mind to the best places there is. The metal-wooden shelves we design and produce for this section of the stores are made to emphasize the nostalgia of the section.

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Cosmetic Shelving

This is another advanced world in term of design and innovation. Every day you see new products in this industry with new marketing accessories. MonoShelf has devoted a team of designers to this section of its production. Each year we have a new range of products and accessories introduced to this industry.

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